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My whole life, my Dad's been my hero and best friend. So when he realized his teenage son wanted to do what Dad did when he grew up — work in the family Heating and Air business — he gave me the apprenticeship he wished he'd had.


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Years of intensive two and three-week technical and certification courses. Plus, I was loaned out as free-labor apprenticeships for on-the-job training the hard way. He even sent me to spend two months grinding at the hard science of engineering and building AC systems from scratch for any environment or performance envelope on earth.

For decades, Dad and I worked shoulder to shoulder, building the best damn HVAC company, specializing in design-built systems.

Then a health scare -- my doctor literally told me to get my affairs in order -- forced me to move to the place I'd always dreamed of living, right here in Jacksonville and Saint Johns, Florida.


I couldn't be happier here, but when I first moved into my newly-built dream home, the AC system and ductwork were so badly installed, they had to be fixed. But no one I contacted understood what was wrong with it or knew how to fix it.


In fact, they were so unprofessional. My wife even exclaimed that they'd never get away with that kind of behavior back in our previous hometown in Connecticut.


So I had to re-engineer, redesign, and reinstall the system myself. And when my neighbors found out I could fix the problems they were told were "normal," they all had me re-do their home's AC as well.

Soon, word got out about the AC Guy, who actually knew what he was doing and could fix what others couldn't. And that's when Griffin Service was born, the top HVAC company in Jacksonville, FL, and the greater Jacksonville area.

I know it sounds odd to say that the other AC Companies in town don't know how to design and install systems appropriate for Florida's climate, but it's true. They all slap-dash install the same stock system here as they would in Connecticut or California -- and it doesn't work.


Fortunately, I'd learned how to design systems from scratch at a young age and had built my career on it. So that's what I did for me and my client's homes. And that's how the Florida-Rated AC System was born.

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    And to this day


    Griffin Service is run with those same goals in mind: to be the professional HVAC contractor who:

    Actually know what they're doing,

    Can fix what others can't, and

    Provide the professionalism and service you deserve (and that's so often lacking in today's world).

    Now that we also do plumbing and sewer services


    we carry that same attitude and philosophy over to that industry. Our plumber in St. Johns, FL, and nearby areas can work on:

    • Plumbing

    • Drain & Sewer Cleaning

    • Sink Repair & Installation

    • Sink Replacement

    • Slab Leaks

    • Toilets

    • Garbage Disposal

    • Showerhead Replacement

    • Faucets

    • Pipe Repair

    • Sump Pump Repair

    • Appliance Leakage


    We also provide other water treatment solutions such as whole home water softener, water conditioning,  water purification system, as well as service existing filtration system. Sometimes, a malfunctioning water filter is the root of your water contamination problem. Our plumber in Jacksonville, FL, and other areas we serve can repair and perform regular maintenance on your water filter to make sure that it’s giving you clean and healthy water year around.

    We are dedicated to bringing you the best service through work transparency backed by our Griffin written guarantee.

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    Let's face it, no one calls an AC or plumbing company in Jacksonville, FL, and nearby areas because they want to. They do it because they've got a problem. Our goal is to not only fix your problem and fix it right but to make you glad you called Griffin Service.

    We serve:

    • AC Repair St. Johns, FL

    • Plumber in St. Johns, FL

    • Drain & Sewer Cleaning St. Johns, FL

    • Electrical Services St. Johns, FL

    • Water Softener & Filtration St. Johns, FL

    • AC Repair St Augustine, FL

    • Plumber in St Augustine, FL

    • Drain & Sewer Cleaning St Augustine, FL

    • Electrical Services St Augustine, FL

    • Water Softener & Filtration St Augustine, FL

    • AC Repair Jacksonville Beach, FL

    • Plumber in Jacksonville Beach, FL

    • Drain & Sewer Cleaning Jacksonville Beach, FL

    • Electrical Services Jacksonville Beach, FL

    • Water Softener & Filtration Jacksonville Beach, FL

    • AC Repair Jacksonville, FL

    • Plumber in Jacksonville, FL

    • Drain & Sewer Cleaning Jacksonville, FL

    • Electrical Services Jacksonville, FL

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    • AC Repair Fruit Cove, FL

    • Plumber in Fruit Cove, FL

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    • AC Repair Orange Park, FL

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    • Electrical Services Orange Park, FL

    • Water Softener & Filtration Orange Park, FL