Common Home DIY Electrical Wiring Mistakes

Sparks in faulty wiring

It may be tempting to find methods to cut costs around your house by doing your repairs and upkeep rather than contacting skilled electrical contractors. Even those with little expertise can sometimes complete minor DIY projects, after all. However, most home maintenance chores include electrical work that only qualified professionals like the Griffin Service team can do.

Beware of these typical errors that DIYers frequently make.

Making Permanent Wiring Out of an Extension Cord

Extension cords are excellent short-term solutions when you don’t have enough outlets, though they are not designed for long-term installations such as wall air conditioners and garage door openers. A certified electrician must set up these installations with the correct wiring and terminators. Unless otherwise stated, extension cords are typically only intended for short-term use. Long-term use of an extension cord may cause electrical fires and wire shorts down the line.

Incorrect Grounding or Bonding

Your home’s electrical system must be grounded to be safe, and this can be done by companies providing electrical services. The ground wire acts as a conduit for electrical surges to discharge. To bond an item, you must connect it to the system ground via an electrically conductive cable. Short circuits will not trip your breaker if you don’t have this safeguard in place. This is common knowledge among electricians, but it isn’t for the general public.

Defective Wire Connections

Incorrect wire connections are another one of the major electrical faults in homes that need electrical repairs. They might not have wire nuts attached or the wrong conduit fittings, which would prevent them from being watertight. They are not adequately bonded if they are made of metal. Electrical shorts and difficult-to-diagnose problems downstream of any electrical connection can result from loose connections.

Swapping Out the Fuses

You may think replacing a fuse with a bigger one would be a simple DIY project if you frequently deal with blown fuses. This is among one of the riskiest acts you can do, though. All fuses and breakers have a specific rating level, which safeguards the wire’s rating and lowers the possibility of sparks or fires. Whenever you have any appliance or equipment connected to an outlet, the risk is increased in your home when an improperly rated fuse is installed. Overheated wires have the potential to catch fire in your house, and you can only avoid this by hiring a professional for home electrical services.

Should you find yourself in need of a skilled electrician in Jacksonville, FL, turn to Griffin Service. You can count on us to correctly finish the task. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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