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Furnace Leak Repair in Jacksonville, FL, and Nearby Areas


Some indications of furnace problems aren't as obvious as others. Other than difficulty heating your home, one sign stands out.

Standing water under or near a furnace is never a good sign. Avoiding it or trying to fix it yourself isn't advisable, so call the experts at Griffin Service for furnace leaks. Our technicians are licensed, insured, and background checked. Better yet, they know furnace repair inside and out.


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Griffin Fixes These Furnace Leak Issues

When a furnace leaks, there are a number of reasons for the breakdown:


Condensation Leak: High-efficiency furnaces need to cool down after extended use. This can cause condensation that might leak instead of draining out. This problem is easily solvable by calling the Griffin Service HVAC experts.

Furnace humidifier leak: Lack of furnace maintenance and tune-up service can lead to this. Your furnace humidifier adds moisture to the air so it's not too dry as it exits. Without regular service, water can leak inside your furnace from your humidifier.

Clogged filter: A blocked filter will certainly result in leaking, because air can't pass through your filter correctly. This leads to freezing of the evaporator coil due to lack of airflow. Ultimately, your furnace will leak water from condensation buildup.

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