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Regular Heating Maintenance in Jacksonville, FL, and Neighboring Areas


When the colder months of the year arrive, you don’t want to discover that your heating system is not working the way it should. That can be an expensive headache. You can avoid such a headache by putting your heating system on a maintenance plan.

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What is a Heating Maintenance Plan?

A plan for heating maintenance in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas is a program that includes a regular tune-up and cleaning schedule for your HVAC system. It does not matter whether you have an LP (propane) or gas furnace, an electric heating system, or a ductless heat pump. We handle all types of HVAC units, including furnace units. When you want yours to work perfectly every single time, you need to have your heating system on a maintenance plan.


Griffin Service Helps Maintain Your Heating System

Having your system enrolled in a heating maintenance plan from our HVAC company serving the greater Jacksonville area guarantees that your heating system is checked annually or bi-annually by our team of certified professionals. This ensures that everything is running smoothly is in order. You won’t have to worry about your heater being out of commission in Jacksonville, Saint Johns, and Saint Augustine, FL when you need it because our technicians will have it running smoothly.

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    Our team of trained and certified HVAC services technicians


    Will perform checks on your heating system to make sure that everything will work when the colder months of the year roll in. If tune-ups, repairs, and adjustments are needed, our team will do this for you as well. Our maintenance program will include:

    Routine checking of all parts of your heating system

    Lubricating moving parts where needed

    Replacing any broken down and worn out parts

    Testing and adjusting controls for optimal performance

    Inspecting all ducts and pipes to ensure that there are no blockages

    Once the regular checking of your heating system is done, we will supply you with a report of what was done for heating repair to help keep your system in proper order. We will also recommend any upgrades or changes to your system that will make it more efficient.

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    Griffin Service is a company that cares about your comfort, and if your current heating system is showing signs of wear and tear, we will recommend heating installation, replacements, repairs, or upgrades where necessary. We can also help you improve the performance of your current heating and cooling system with duct cleaning, home performance improvements, and duct sealing.

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    Reasons to Count on Us for Heating Maintenance


    A Best of Home Advisor award recipient, Griffin Service is the company to call on for regular heating maintenance in the greater Jacksonville area, as well as St. Johns, FL, and surrounding communities. In addition to upfront quotes before we do anything further, our clients benefit from:

    • Helpful advice and tips from our friendly, knowledgeable technicians
    • Honest, fair pricing
    • Local experience
    • Attentive work and long-term results

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