Lennox SL297NV Gas Furnace

Lennox SL297NV Gas Furnace.

All Around Comfort

The SL297NV ultra-low NOx gas furnace with our revolutionary design provides reliable comfort, while producing 65% lower NOx emissions than standard low NOx furnaces. So, while you’re staying cozy and warm, you’re also helping to protect the environment.

Energy Efficiency That Adapts to Your Needs

  • The variable-speed motor maintains a consistent temperature in your home using as little fuel as possible. This helps you stay comfortable and reduces your utility costs.
  • iComfort® S30 ultra smart thermostat compatibility adjusts your heating for energy savings based on your family’s routine.
  • An energy rating of up to 97.5% AFUE means the SL297NV can potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year, compared to an older furnace.

Consistent Temperatures

A variable-speed blower motor allows for constant and efficient adjustments of air flow speed and gently disperses even heat throughout your home. It also prevents loud blasts of air that can occur when a single-speed system starts up, providing quiet operation for enhanced comfort.

Peace of Mind

The SL297NV has undergone rigorous testing in our research lab to ensure the highest level of reliability. So, you can relax and enjoy the warmth and trouble-free operation.

Everything Comes Together Perfectly

Together with other products from the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection, the SL297NV takes comfort to an entirely new place.