a free membership program for active duty & veterans

We all know freedom isn't free. So, we decided to say THANK YOU by making MEMBERSHIP FREE!

Legends Club is an exclusive, complimentary membership in Club Griffin for Active Duty and Veteran Military members.



Legends Club Benefits

4 Annual Services
  • Plumbing - Annual safety inspection and water heater flush
  • Electrical - Annual breaker panel safety inspection
  • AC - Annual "refresherize" cleaning and emergency prevention services
  • Heating - Annual safety inspection and cutwork performance test
Big Savings

Keep more of your money! Lots of exclusive complimentary services worth thousands.

Priority Service

No waiting for days to get your home fixed! If you  have no AC, no heat, no hot water, no power, or a drain stoppage, we will arrive within 24 hours!

No BS Guarantee

We double your warranty on repairs! We've got you covered, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Free Service Calls

No dispatch fees, ever! Plus one (1) plumbing drain stoppage clearing per year.

VIP Specials

Take advantage of special offers and exclusive discounts available for members only!

Learn More about our legendary membership program

Griffin Service is here to help. Complete our Legendary Membership form to learn more about this FREE membership into Club Griffin, exclusively for Active Duty and Veterans. Reliable service you can trust, day or night!

    Our Club Griffin experts handle everything, log their findings, take pictures, and keep you informed, so little things can be resolved before they turn into bigger issues.

    First part of the year, we perform an extensive Florida-Rated Cooling REFRESH to clean, calibrate, and ensure your A/C is ready for safe, efficient performance all summer long.

    Mid-year, we perform a Florida-Rated Plumbing REFRESH, inspecting all your fixtures & under sinks, outdoor spigots, water heater, softener, and more. Plus, we actually flush your water heater, replace you’re A/C air filter, and flush you’re A/C drain too.

    Last part of the year, we perform a Florida-Rated Heating REFRESH to ensure your system is ready to safely and efficiently keep you warm & cozy.