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eShield™ Attic Insulation in Saint Johns, Saint Augustine, and Jacksonville FL


Griffin Service can increase your home's energy efficiency and save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in energy savings by installing attic insulation in your home. It will also help to reduce heat gain or loss, especially in your attic where heat loss is extremely common. Other insulation products such as blown-in insulation and reflective foil insulation combined with the eShield system, can also help reduce the amount of energy used for cooling and heating your home.

By installing eShield™ attic insulation in your home, you gain many advantages. This attic insulation system is not just an energy savings solution, but it also increases the thermal comfortability in your home and actually makes your indoor environment healthier and more enjoyable. Not to mention, our eShield™ attic insulation is surprisingly affordable.

What is eShied™?

Griffin Service offers the eShield 11000™ perfect attic insulation system


This is an extremely efficient multilayer radiant barrier that can stop up to 97% of radiant heat transfer, while also limiting convection and conduction heat transfer

It has a quarter-inch of encapsulated fiberglass with an R-value that can reach up to 11.6.

The construction is built up of one-quarter inch fiberglass core bonded between scrim-reinforced layers of 99% pure aluminum and a radiant resistance of up to 97% reflectivity.

eShield™ insulation is the newest and most efficient insulation solution around. With the cost of energy increasing every year, it's necessary to invest in the value and protection of your home.

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    Three Steps to eShield™'s Perfect Attic Insulation


    In just a few simple steps, Griffin Service can have your perfect attic system installed. These are the steps it takes to getting your perfect attic system:

    Step 1: Free Energy Analysis - Griffin Service professionals will perform a detailed in-home assessment of your home to determine what options you have for optimizing your property's energy usage and improving the conditions and comfort of your home.

    Step 2: Bring Insulation Up to Code - Older homes have insulation systems that probably have not been updated since they were built. With Griffin Service by your side, we can help modernize your insulation system and bring it up to date with current state and national standards.

    Step 3: Stop Radiant Heat Loss and Gain - eShield™ multilayer reflective foil insulation is the newest and most efficient solution to thermal insulation solutions and it can stop more than 97-percent of radiant heat.

    eShield™ allows your indoor temperatures to remain independent of the outside environment by reflecting heat, rather than absorbing it. eShield™ works by addressing the three types of energy transfer that could occur, which in turn, helps keep your home comfortable while lowering utility bills.

    If you have any questions about our eShield™ attic insulation services, please contact us today at 904-299-5050 to learn more!


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