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Commercial HVAC for Dentist Offices in Jacksonville, FL, and Nearby Areas


Griffin Service is the leader in commercial air conditioning, heating, and home performance services in Saint Johns, Jacksonville & Saint Augustine, FL. Our experience serving commercial offices and buildings is what makes us the right choice for your dentist office's HVAC services.


Dentist offices can be a stressful place, especially for patients needing work done, so the best thing to do is to keep the environment calm and comfortable with a reliable HVAC system. Our commercial HVAC services will give you the opportunity to install, replace or repair your commercial HVAC system to keep your dentists, patients, and other visitors and staff members cool and relaxed, even when they may be worried about an exam or procedure.

Why it's Important to Have a Reliable Commercial HVAC system in Dentist Offices

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    Preventing the spread of infection

    Dentists often have to deal with infected teeth and gums, and the use of different types of equipment can increase the spread of germs. Air conditioning units help to reduce the spread of airborne infections and bacteria by controlling the climate.

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    Helps to relax patients by providing cool and controlled temperature

    While visiting a dentist, a patient often has to sit in the waiting area. A troubled HVAC system can make this time uncomfortable and more stressful than it already is. Our Commercial HVAC services ensure that your patients have a comfortable and calm waiting room experience thanks to a fully functioning commercial air cooling system.

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    Helps maintain regular appointments

    If the HVAC unit is flawed, the day to day operations of a dentistry would be hampered. Commercial HVAC at the dentist office helps to maintain regular patient appointments and keep everyone on schedule.

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    Griffin Commercial HVAC Services


    At Griffin Services, we offer a variety of HVAC services for dentist offices and other commercial properties. Our list of services include:

    Commercial HVAC Replacement

    System Problem Prevention Inspection

    Indoor Air Quality

    Duct Work

    Water Filtration


    Energy Assessments

    Did You Know?


    47% of facilities suffer from HVAC problems.

    26% of tenants are dissatisfied with building temperatures.

    19% of tenants are dissatisfied with air quality.

    10% of facilities have insufficient cooling. 26% of facilities have high operating costs.


    We also provide other water treatment solutions such as whole home water softener, water conditioning,  water purification system, as well as service existing filtration system. Sometimes, a malfunctioning water filter is the root of your water contamination problem. Our plumber in Jacksonville, FL, and other areas we serve can repair and perform regular maintenance on your water filter to make sure that it’s giving you clean and healthy water year around.

    We are dedicated to bringing you the best service through work transparency backed by our Griffin written guarantee.

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    Dentist offices require a level of specialization when it comes to commercial HVAC services, and at Griffin Service , we are specialized in serving such sophisticated service industries. Contact us at 904-299-5050 and we'll be ready to help with your commercial HVAC system in Saint JohnsJacksonville, & Saint Augustine, FL areas.