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Griffin Service is the leader in commercial air conditioning, heating, and home performance services in Greater Saint Johns, Jacksonville & Saint Augustine, FL. Our experience serving commercial properties makes us the best choice for HVAC services in gyms or athletic facilities.


Because of the high release of sweat and odor, the risk of airborne diseases increases in gyms and athletic facilities. Airborne diseases such as chickenpox, influenza, measles, smallpox, cryptococcosis, and tuberculosis are commonly spread and in athletic facilities, there is a higher risk for these viruses and others to spread and reach many other people. If it's bad enough, the spread of such diseases could result in a bad reputation for the business, but at Griffin Services, our commercial HVAC services ensure that your gym employees, trainers, athletes and other guests do not have to worry about picking up a disease or infection when going to work out.

Facilities That We Help Keep Odor and Germ-free:

At Griffin Services, we help a wide range of gyms and work out facilities keep their environment calm and cool with our commercial HVAC services. We have experience helping the following types of facilities.

Gyms and Health Clubs (including weight lifting and training areas, locker rooms and showers, childcare areas)

Yoga Studios

Indoor Swimming

Dance Studios

Bowling Alleys

Indoor Tracks

Indoor Practice Fields


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    Griffin Commercial HVAC Services


    Commercial HVAC solutions we offer for commercial facilities include:

    Commercial HVAC Replacement

    HVAC System Problem Prevention

    Indoor Air Quality

    Ductwork Services

    Water Filtration


    Energy Assessments

    Did You Know?


    47% of facilities suffer from HVAC problems.

    26% of tenants are dissatisfied with building temperatures.

    19% of tenants are dissatisfied with air quality.

    10% of facilities have insufficient cooling. 26% of facilities have high operating costs.


    We also provide other water treatment solutions such as whole home water softener, water conditioning,  water purification system, as well as service existing filtration system. Sometimes, a malfunctioning water filter is the root of your water contamination problem. Our plumber in Jacksonville, FL, and other areas we serve can repair and perform regular maintenance on your water filter to make sure that it’s giving you clean and healthy water year around.

    We are dedicated to bringing you the best service through work transparency backed by our Griffin written guarantee.

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    Modern-day gyms and athletic facilities must have a working air conditioning system to keep the environment comfortable. At Griffin Service, we are specialized in serving such service industries so you don't have to worry about the absence of a properly functioning air conditioning unit. Contact Griffin Service today at 904-299-5050 to learn more about our commercial HVAC services in Saint Johns,Jacksonville, & Saint Augustine, FL areas.