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Creating a healthy home environment for your family starts with clean indoor air. When the air you breathe doesn’t carry any allergens or irritants, you have a lower risk of suffering from allergies and other respiratory ailments. However, it isn’t always easy maintaining a clean atmosphere.


Fine particles like dust can be quite persistent, and regular house cleaning won’t be enough to get rid of them. If you aren’t able to eliminate them all, these particles can develop into something worse (mold) or invite airborne pollutants and diseases into your property.

To ensure that your indoor air quality is always at its best, consider equipping your home with SolaceAir products. SolaceAir has manufactured numerous state-of-the-art indoor air solutions that can clean and control all kinds of airborne contaminants.

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At Griffin Service, we always find ways to improve the living conditions of your property. That’s why we’ve become trusted distributors of SolaceAir products to properties in Saint JohnsJacksonville, & Saint Augustine, FL. We only want what’s best for our clients, so we offer the following SolaceAir systems to give you healthy air .

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      Polarized-media air cleaner

      Installs directly into the 1” filter rack(s) in existing heating and cooling systems. The product’s electronically enhanced media combines the performance of both electronic and media cleaners.

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      UVC system

      Installs directly into the central heating and cooling system ductwork or plenum. The system’s high-intensity Dual-Radiant™ UVC “H” lamp neutralizes airborne pathogens and disinfects the air.

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      UVC/UVV system

      A whole house air purification system that installs directly into the central heating and cooling system ductwork or plenum. It also features a high-intensity Dual-Radiant™ UVC “H” lamp that neutralizes airborne pathogens.

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      Dual remote UVC system

      Gives you the power of two UVC systems in one product. Available with two 12” or 16” germicidal UVC lamps.

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      Dual remote UVC/UVV system

      Gives you the power of two UVC/UVV systems in one, and is available with either a 12” or 16” germicidal UVC lamp as well.

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      Utilizes a carbon/ceramic honeycomb matrix that provides unrestrictive air channels for air to flow. Its carbon and ceramic components are baked for 24 hours at 1,200°F and are tightly bound together to eliminate dust shedding. The VOC3 slides into the SolaceAir Bypass HEPA system.

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      Bypass HEPA

      The bypass high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) system manufactured by SolaceAir requires less amount of fan energy than most filters. The bypass HEPA will purify your property without consuming so much energy.

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      SolaceAir RS-2

      An air purification system that includes two polarized-media electronic air cleaners. It’s housed in a large, sturdy cabinet to increase filter surface area.

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      SolaceAir RS-3

      An air purification system that includes two 1” polarized media air cleaners in a cased V-Bank configuration. It also features a “Sterile Sweep®” UV-C system. Perfect for residential and light commercial properties.

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      SolaceAir RS-4

      An air cleaning system that’s built for whole-house cleaning. Eliminates all three types of airborne contaminants (particles, biological, and gas phase) in a quiet and efficient manner.

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      Condensate Drain Pan Strips

      The SolaceAir Time-Release Drain Pan Treatment strips are designed to intercept the path of the water to the drain. They’re placed in the condensate drain pan between the coil and drain opening.


    We also provide other water treatment solutions such as whole home water softener, water conditioning,  water purification system, as well as service existing filtration system. Sometimes, a malfunctioning water filter is the root of your water contamination problem. Our plumber in Jacksonville, FL, and other areas we serve can repair and perform regular maintenance on your water filter to make sure that it’s giving you clean and healthy water year around.

    We are dedicated to bringing you the best service through work transparency backed by our Griffin written guarantee.

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