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A dirty clogged drain can pose many dangers and unpleasant experiences: from foul odor to various allergies to water damage. So it is important to get your plumbing drain cleaned routinely by an expert professional plumber in Jacksonville, FL, or nearby areas to prevent damage from becoming worse, leading to costly repair or replacement expenses.

Griffin Service is a leading plumbing service provider serving the greater Jacksonville area and other communities in Saint Johns County. We provide all kinds of plumbing services including drain cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. We have licensed and certified plumbers to assist you with any routine or emergency plumbing needs. So call us today at 904-299-5050 to request an estimate and/or schedule your appointment. We provide the following drain cleaning services:

Harmful Effects of a Dirty or Blocked Drainage System in Your Home

Health Deterioration: Blocked drains can adversely impact your health. When drains get blocked, the sewage and waste flow back into the sinks. The contaminated water contains bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that can cause asthma. Airborne allergies, skin inflammation, irritation, and much more.

Unpleasant Smell: The accumulated stagnant and sewage in the clogged pipe produces very unpleasant smells. The smell ends up affecting the entire home, causing in many cases headaches and nausea.

Structural Damage: The backflow of water from the drains soak into the foundation of the home/business causing structural damage. It may also cause sewage water to flood all over the place, damaging the floors and walls. When this happens, a sewer line replacement may be in order.

Mold and Pests Growth: Standing water is an ideal spot for pests. Moreover, with the floorboards and walls wet through drain blockage, mildew and mold can also grow in your home.

Slow Drainage: The drainage of waste and water slows down with a clogged drain.

Leakages: When the pipes get blocked, there is a build-up of water pressure inside. This can cause the pipes to burst and leak resulting in the water reaching the surface of your walls and floors, creating water stains, flooding, and more, requiring sewer pipe line repair.

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    Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services by Griffin Service


    Professional drain cleaning in Jacksonville, FL, or other areas we serve, may use highly pressurized water to blast away the dirt, debris, and odor-causing sediment that’s been clinging to your pipe walls.

    Professionals are able to get rid of tough clogs through sewer cleaning that ordinary drain cleaners (like those found in hardware stores) are not able to or at least not properly.

    Consistent clogging problems due to such accumulation of fats, oils, and grease deep within the drain can be best solved by professionals and not Store-bought drain cleaners which may only offer a quick temporary fix.

    You can avoid costly downtimes by having your drains cleaned routinely by professionals, including through drain snaking.

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    All kinds of residential and commercial HVAC and plumbing solutions under one roof: drain cleaning, sewer repair, water heater, pool heater, and others.

    100% satisfaction guarantee.

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    Griffin Service is a renowned drain cleaning company based in Saint Johns, FL, and serving the Greater Jacksonville, FL area. We offer professional plumbing services, including cleaning, installation, repair, replacement, and so much more. Whether you need commercial or residential drainage services, you can trust us to assess and fix all your needs. You can reach us at 904-299-5050 or contact us online. We serve: