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The sewer line or septic system is the main vein of your entire home drainage system. Without this pipe, waste from your home wouldn’t be able to drain into the city’s main sewer drain. Usually, sewer lines are long-lasting when installed correctly. But when they wear out, they must be replaced ASAP by a certified plumber in Jacksonville, FL, or neighboring areas.

Fortunately, Griffin Service hires certified plumbers and is a leading provider of sanitary sewer repair services serving the greater Jacksonville area as well as St. Johns and St. Augustine. We provide all kinds of plumbing services, including sewer repair for both homes and businesses.

We have licensed and certified plumbers to assist you with any routine or emergency plumbing and sewer pipe line repair needs. So call us today at 904-299-5050 to request an estimate and/or schedule your appointment in these areas we serve:

Signs to Notice to Avoid Sanitary Sewer Damage

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    Leaky Pipes:

    The sections of piping that make up your main sewer line are sealed to prevent leakage. When seals of sewer piping break, the pipe joints will start to leak into the underground area around this pipe.

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    Pipe Blockage:

    Grease and debris (for example from kitchen washing) can build up in the sewer pipe potentially causing a full pipe block at one point. This can result in clogged drains and slow draining water in your home.

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    Deteriorating or corroding sewer line piping generally occurs in older sewer lines, as the pipes simply get so old that wear-and-tear is to be expected, so we may have to replace sewer line.

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    Tree Root Damage:

    Tree roots can interfere with the sewer pipe as it is underneath the soil. Once tree roots invade any pipeline, they may cause clogging. Pipe clogs caused by tree roots will continue to get worse as the roots expand.

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    Bellied Sewer Line Pipe:

    When part of a sewer line sinks into the ground, it’s called a bellied pipe. This issue causes the accumulation of waste and prevents proper drainage for your home.

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    Shifting Soil:

    Over time, the soil in your yard can shift. Since your main sewer line is located underneath the soil in your yard, these shifts can lead to sewer line damage.

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    Sewer Line & Septic System Damage Repaired by Griffin Service


    Our certified, trained, and experienced team can repair any kind of damage: whether it is sewer line misalignment, cracks, breaks, corrosion, clog, or a complete collapse. We also provide routine check-up services for any kind of sewer system, such as sewer cleaning. Some of the most popular services we offer include:

    Water Heaters


    Tankless Water Heaters

    Water Treatment and Conditioning

    Kitchen Plumbing

    Bathroom Plumbing

    Clogged Drain


    And Much More

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    There are many reasons why Griffin Service is the best company you can choose for sanitary sewer repair in Jacksonville, FL, and the rest of our service areas. Some of the top reasons include:

    All kinds of residential and commercial HVAC plumbing solutions under one roof.

    100% satisfaction guarantee.

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