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Whether you use municipal suppliers or private wells, water entering your home can be contaminated without the right water conditioning services. Using water containing harmful chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, or viruses for drinking, cooking, bathing, or washing, will damage your property but most importantly put you and your family’s life at risk.

With Griffin’s high-quality whole house water filtration system in Jacksonville, FL, and nearby areas, you can strain out all those unwanted contaminants before they can enter your house. So call us today at 904-299-5050 for:

How Contaminants Enter Home Tap Water

Most Floridan homes’ primary water source is groundwater (Floridan aquifer), followed by surface water (lakes, rivers, etc). From these water bodies, water is pulled into the public water supply (after passing through treatment plants) and private wells.

During Stormwater runoff, rain collects pollution as it passes over paved surfaces, draining them into nearby surface water. Many of this hazardous waste remains in the water when it reaches your home even after passing through treatment plants. Human-induced toxic pollutants (such as industrial wastes) released into water bodies can also contaminate the water chain.

In treatment plants, some chemicals are added to the water as disinfectants. These can cause unintentional side effects such as chorine and give a bad taste and odor to drinking water without a water softener installation.

Many minerals are naturally present in the environment which when dissolves in the water are hard to get rid of without a strong filtration or water softener system.

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    Waterborne Contaminants Commonly Found In Northeastern Florida Homes


    Bacteria, parasites, and viruses

    Heavy metal contamination such as arsenic, lead, mercury, selenium, and others

    Suspended particles from freshwater sources

    High levels of fluoride


    Radionuclides such as uranium and radium that may be present in underlying rock and groundwater

    Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs)

    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

    How Contaminated Water Affects Residences


    Contaminated water containing heavy metals damages your plumbing, appliances, utensils, etc. Common health effects of using pollutant water include skin irritations, hair damage, tooth decay and decolonization, gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, and even cancer. Young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems are very vulnerable to such waterborne diseases.

    Benefits of Installing Whole House Filtration


    Installing a Whole House Water Filtration System provides a safe, simple, affordable, and complete water treatment solution. This filters out any undesirable particles at the Point-of-Entry (POE) of the house water system thus assuring that your home has pure, cleaner, healthier, and tastier water to every faucet for everyday use.

    Having filtered water flowing through your pipes can help your plumbing system last longer, reducing the costs that can accrue from plumbing and appliance repairs.

    Repeatedly buying bottled water costs far more than having a whole house water filtration system installed in the long run. Many plastic water bottles contain chemicals that can seep into the water inside, so you’re only introducing more potential contaminants into your body. Installing a home filtration system will give you clean, better tasting water without affecting the environment.

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    Types of Whole House Filtration System Installed By Griffin


    The kind of whole house filtering systems and equipment that you will need in your home will depend on the type and amount of contamination that needs to be removed. That is why we at Griffin Service offer a whole different range of house filter solutions. These include Sediment Filtration, Activated Carbon Block (ACB) Filtration, Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filtration, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration, and Distillation, Ion-Exchange (IX), Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection, etc.

    Why Choose Griffin for Whole House Filtration Service

    Griffin Service has been providing high-quality, energy-saving, and user-friendly Whole House Water Filtration Systems Solutions serving the greater Jacksonville area as well as Saint Johns, Ponte Vedra Beach, Saint Augustine, and other Northeastern Florida areas for over 30 years. This ensures you can save on your bill, and spend less of your valuable time in its maintenance without having to compromise on your water quality.

    We utilize state-of-the-art filtration techniques and advanced technologies to know exactly what’s contaminating your water.  Our fully licensed and certified technicians are dedicated to testing, diagnosing, and creating water treatment services for your specific problem.


    We also provide other water treatment solutions such as whole home water softener, water conditioning,  water purification system, as well as service existing filtration system. Sometimes, a malfunctioning water filter is the root of your water contamination problem. Our plumber in Jacksonville, FL, and other areas we serve can repair and perform regular maintenance on your water filter to make sure that it’s giving you clean and healthy water year around.

    We are dedicated to bringing you the best service through work transparency backed by our Griffin written guarantee.

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