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Whether you're here for sewer repairs or drain cleaning in Fruit Cove, FL, Griffin Service is the Home Advisor top-rated, BBB accredited company you can trust for results that matter most to you and provide much-appreciated value. Defined by our uncompromising integrity and legendary service, we take pride in restoring peace of mind and providing the solutions just right for any situation.

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The sewer and drain cleaning services we provide are tailored to your needs and budget. Backed by a broad range of local experience, we're a Google Guaranteed company that comes prepared to every job with what's needed to diagnose and solve the problem. Available on holidays, evenings, and weekends, we're always ready when you need us.

Sewer pipe line repair and drain cleaning are more related than many people realize. When your drains are freely flowing, your sewer system works better. This also applies in the reverse order. For this reason, one of the top benefits of having your sewer lines professionally repaired or your drains expertly cleaned is reducing the risk of unexpected backups and other unpleasant issues. In turn, this can mean long-term savings.

For times when repair isn't practical or cost-effective, sewer line replacement may be the right option. We complete this process for our Fruit Cove, FL, clients with as few disruptions as possible and careful planning.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning/Sewer Repairs

Both sewer and drain issues can be related to a clogged drain. Some of the other signs suggesting it's best to contact us about drain cleaning or sewer line repair include:

  • Recurring drain or sewer backups or overflows
  • Unpleasant odors, especially ones you notice inside your home
  • Water gathering around drain or sewer line locations
  • Foundation, slab, landscape, or property damage
  • Issues with more than one drain

How Drain and Sewer Cleaning Works

An in-depth drain or sewer cleaning often requires a clear understanding of where the problem is, what it is, and where it's at. This is information our technicians can quickly get with a non-invasive camera inspection.

Professional drain snaking is one of the cleaning methods we often use. If obstructions are deeper down in the line or difficult to clear away, highly pressurized water can be effective.

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