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We think you'll agree that 5-star service makes a noticeable difference when you need an HVAC contractor or plumber in Jacksonville Beach, FL, you can trust. This is the level of service you'll get when you contact Griffin Service. Our services address many different needs involving your home's heating, cooling, electrical, or plumbing system.

The Primary Services We Provide

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    If you have any heating or cooling concerns, give our HVAC company a call. A DAIKIN authorized dealer, we install top-quality systems and maintain and repair the HVAC equipment you're already using and depending on for your home's comfort.

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    General Plumbing

    Our licensed and certified plumbers respond promptly to routine and emergency plumbing needs in Jacksonville Beach, FL. We detect and repair leaks, plan, and complete plumbing-related updates, and professionally and affordably take on any other tasks currently topping your to-do list – including ones involving sump pumps and slab leaks.

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    No matter what's affecting your home's water heater, we'll determine if it can be repaired. If this isn't the case, we'll help you choose a suitable and affordable replacement. We also offer advice on tankless upgrades and provide cost-effective maintenance assistance to help extend the life of your existing water heater.

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    Our crew cleans drains with methods that include snaking and jetting to break up debris and get things flowing again. When sewer lines need attention, we accurately determine the nature and extent of the problem so the most efficient and effective steps can be taken to resolve the issue.

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    From unexplained dips or surges to flickering lights and upgrades that improve safety and streamline costs, we've got all your electrical service needs covered. Our technicians make repairs or complete new installations in a way that's good for your budget, home, and peace of mind.

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    If you've been noticing issues with how your water tastes or what it does to your plumbing, dishes, or clothes lately, give us a call. We install and maintain an assortment of water filtration and softening systems, including whole-home systems that provide that treat and purify any water that's used in your home.

Other Services We Provide

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    Backed by many years of industry experience, Griffin Service is the HVAC and plumbing company serving the greater Jacksonville area you can feel good about turning to for all your home comfort and plumbing needs in Jacksonville Beach, FL. When you do, you'll see why we're Home Advisor screened and approved, and top-rated. Call us or fill out the form today to schedule an appointment or request more immediate service.

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    We are licensed, bonded, experienced, and have lots of positive references and reviews. We feature written, in-person estimates and provide energy-efficient solutions to your heating, cooling, and ventilation issues. You can feel confident that the work we do will be done right the first time, every time - YOU HAVE OUR GUARANTEE! Our customer representatives will be happy to help you anytime.