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Electrical problems can be frustrating, a bit scary, or more complex than expected. The good news is an experienced electrician in Jacksonville Beach, FL, from Griffin Service is here for you when expert help is what you need. We provide a wide range of top-quality electrical solutions and services.

Professional home electrical services are more important than ever today given how many electrical "things" are in the average home nowadays. Having quick access to a team of reliable and trusted local electricians makes a big difference. Professional electrical service also assures you that any issues, whether minor or more involved, are taken care of safely and correctly.

Dealing With the Issues Swiftly

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    Check to see if everything is firmly connected and has the right wattage. If you're still experiencing the same issue, contact us since the problem could be with your electrical panel or wiring.

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    Power Dips/Sags

    Try replacing old devices or appliances. If this doesn't work, give us a call since the wiring may need fixing or updating.

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    Make sure your light bulbs and appliances are appropriate for your outlets and home. Additionally, look for any outlets that may have too many things plugged in at once.

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    Problems with Switches

    Switch-related issues could be caused by poor installation or faulty wiring, so it's best to consult an electrician.

Signs Electrical Repairs Are What You Need

Any sign something isn't right with any electrical connections or your home's electrical system should be reason enough to contact Griffin Service. Common signs related to electrical issues include:

  • Lights unexpectedly dimming or flickering
  • Sparks around outlets or wires
  • Recurring circuit breaker trips
  • Odd sounds or smells – e.g., humming, buzzing, or a burning smell

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    Benefits of Hiring Professional Electricians


    Electrical repairs are never a do-it-yourself job unless you're a qualified and experienced electrician. Hiring a professional electrician from our team also ensures any applicable guidelines, standards, and codes will be kept in mind. What's more, hiring an expert allows smaller and related issues to be discovered and dealt with before they turn into bigger problems or emergencies.

    A Best of Home Advisor award winner and BBB accredited, Griffin Service is a company with the reputation and experience to get the job done right the first time, every time. Working with our team for all types of electrical services means:

    Free, honest quotes

    Flexible availability when emergency service is needed

    Reasonable, transparent pricing

    Text confirmations after appointments are booked

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    The electrical contractors from Griffin Service are ready to deliver the 5-star results you deserve. Google Guaranteed, we're a company that consistently treats our clients in Jacksonville Beach, FL, to timely, top-quality local service at fair, honest prices. Contact us today for any urgent electrical service needs or to schedule an appointment.

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    We are licensed, bonded, experienced, and have lots of positive references and reviews. We feature written, in-person estimates and provide energy-efficient solutions to your heating, cooling, and ventilation issues. You can feel confident that the work we do will be done right the first time, every time - YOU HAVE OUR GUARANTEE! Our customer representatives will be happy to help you anytime.