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A Best of Home Advisor winner, Griffin Service is your Google Guaranteed choice for plumbing services and solutions. When you need a plumber in Jacksonville Beach, FL, you can count to be there when it counts and matters most, we're the Better Business Bureau-accredited company to call. Our general plumbing services cover a wide range of needs, from minor repairs and updates to kitchen and bathroom plumbing and emergency situations.

Our Primary Plumbing Services

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    As a leading sanitary sewer repair service provider, we have the resources and skills required to handle an assortment of sewer-related issues. Whether the issue is tree root damage, corrosion, or outdated sewer line materials, we'll promptly and affordably make the necessary repairs.

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    Burst, clogged, and leaking pipes are no match for the plumbing experts at Griffin Service. We repair all types of pipes, including PVC, copper, and flexible connection pipes. We also repair boiler pipes.

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    Keep your basement or crawlspace water-free by calling us for sump pump service. We address any sump-related problems, including power failure, switch problems, and clogged or frozen discharge lines. Call us for routine maintenance, too.

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    We repair a variety of home appliances that can leak because of worn, faulty, or loose connections. Our certified and licensed technicians also repair clothes dryers, ovens, and other appliances.

Other General Plumbing Services We Offer

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    We repair sinks when connecting fixtures or pipes need some attention. We also expertly install new sinks for homeowners.

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    When replacing your old or damaged sink is the better option, we'll get your preferred sink fully set up for you.

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    Our technicians use advanced technology to accurately locate leaks under concrete slabs so repairs can be carefully planned and completed with minimal disruptions.

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    Our toilet plumbing services in Jacksonville Beach include toilet repairs as well as toilet installations and replacements if you prefer something more efficient.

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    Contact our local plumbing service pros for garbage disposal repairs if you're dealing with mechanical issues or clogs – or for a new disposal installation.

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    Save water and enjoy the many benefits of a spiffy new shower head in line with your personal preferences at the same time by giving us a call for shower head replacement.

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    Contact us today if you have a faucet that's dripping or one that needs replacement or updates with a more efficient and modern design.

Importance of Plumbing Repair and Emergency Service

Plumbing repairs and urgent services are equally important since smaller issues can turn into bigger ones if not addressed ASAP. We have experienced, local technicians serving the local area ready to respond in a timely manner so damage to your property can be minimized. You'll also gain the added peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is working well with your plumbing system and its various parts.

We can help you deal with:

  • Leaking Pipes and Fixtures

    With plumbing fixtures, have repairs made if you're noticing small drips to avoid a complete replacement. With pipes, leaks are often avoided with regular inspections and cleanings.

  • Watching what goes down any of these drains is a good way to reduce your risk of being surprised by clogs. We also recommend not flushing wipes and other items that don't break up well.

  • If your water heater has a tank, avoid unexpected problems by having the protective anode rod checked every 1-2 years. With any type of water heater, regular maintenance helps avoid serious issues.

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