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Have you considered a water filtration system in Jacksonville Beach, FL, for your home? If you have concerns about the quality of the water you use on daily basis, it's an investment that can be very much appreciated. Griffin Service offers an assortment of cost-effective water filtration and softening options you're welcome to consider.

We provide top-quality, 5-star water conditioning services for our clients. Since every situation is different, we offer many different possibilities with water treatment. We tailor our recommendations to what's best for your available budget and specific water quality concerns.

Types of Water Treatment Systems

Water softener installation or filtration system installation can involve many different setups and filtration processes. The main types of water treatment systems we install include:

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    Whole-Home Systems

    These systems treat water as it enters your home. Options with entire-house units include ones that use point-of-entry (POE) filters and systems that primarily focus on "softening" water.

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    Reverse Osmosis

    A semipermeable membrane filters out an assortment of impurities and particles with an RO system, including sediment and chlorine along with larger molecules.

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    A hollow fiber or a sheet membrane is used with these systems to remove contaminants and many organic molecules and viruses. Beneficial minerals are retained.

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    Water Distillation

    This approach to water filtration involves changing water from a liquid to a vapor and back again to remove lead, fluoride, and a mix of other contaminants.

We also install systems that use ultraviolet light along with ones that adjust oxygen saturation levels with water aeration. A water softener system can be attached to one source of water in your home like a kitchen sink or, as we mentioned above, designed to filter all water used in your property.

The Main Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

A water softener system is beneficial if you have issues with "hard" or mineral-heavy water. A filtration system is equally beneficial since improved water quality is better for your health. Your plumbing system also benefits from fewer issues with corrosive minerals and substances. You'll also notice a difference when using water for cooking, doing laundry, and many other routine tasks.

Noticing something off about how your water tastes or smells is one sign you'll likely benefit from consulting our plumbing company. This is also an option to consider if any of the following signs apply to the water in your home:

  • People in your household are experiencing unusual digestive or health issues
  • You're seeing stains in your sink, tub, or water-using appliances
  • Clothes and dishes aren't completely clean
  • You need plumbing repairs more often

Main Causes of Water Quality Issues

The quality of your home's water can be affected by the chemicals used to treat it, or toxic metals that could be in well water if this is what you use. Groundwater contaminants can also impact the H2O that gets into your home. Having an older plumbing system is another factor that could diminish the quality of your water.

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