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Your drains are largely affected by your sewer lines – and the reverse can also be true. This is why Griffin Service has made sure to be the top local source for both sewer-related repair and drain cleaning in Jacksonville, FL. Our licensed and certified experts are ready to prevent serious damage to your property by keeping your drains and sewer lines fully flowing and functioning.

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We provide sewer services and equally reliable drain cleaning services. We do so by remaining easily accessible with convenient scheduling options. Our technicians are also available after hours and for issues requiring urgent attention on weekends and holidays.

For any clog issue, our drain cleaning company encourages preventative and routine cleanings to reduce the risk of unexpected clogs and other potentially costly and disruptive drain issues. Professional drain cleaning also helps extend the life of your drain lines.

When sewer pipe line repair is done right, it benefits you in a similar way, leaving you with one less concern. You also are left with a sewer system that's good for your property and peace of mind.

Is Sewer Replacement Needed?

Oftentimes, it's possible to repair only the affected part of a sewer line. Should this not the be case, we'll install a new sewer pipe made from reliable materials in line with today's standards. A sewer line replacement is our last recourse, but it remains an option should the damage be too severe for repairs to suffice.

Signs Drain Cleaning or Sewer Repairs Are What You Need

Having a clogged drain is one sign it's time to give us a call to find out if it's your drains or sewer lines requiring attention. We also recommend taking this step if your drain or sewer lines are affected by any of the following issues:

  • Foul sewer or drain smells
  • Frequent clogs and/or slow drains
  • Mold and/or pest issues
  • Soggy spots on your lawn
  • Leaks or pooled water
  • Structural damage around drain or sewer line locations

What to Expect

Before even conducting a drain or sewer cleaning, a video inspection is often what we recommend first. The results allow our technicians to identify the affected area and use the cleaning method that's going to be effective for the situation. We will also have to verify the pipe’s current condition.

Cleaning can involve drain snaking to quickly break up clogs. With tree or shrub roots, stubborn debris, or hardened minerals along drain or sewer line walls, highly pressurized water can be extremely reliable.

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