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The legendary service that defines Griffin Service extends to anything involving your home's electrical system and its various parts and connections. Rest assured an electrician in Jacksonville, FL, from our team is ready to arrive when you need new installations, repairs, or updates taken care of quickly and in a way that won't stretch your budget.

Importance of Professional Electrical Service

Our home electrical services are provided in the way that benefits our clients the most. Safety is the top reason professional electrical service is important. You'll also have instant access to experienced technicians when something electrical demands attention, which means you'll soon have the power you need for your home and daily tasks.

Most Common Electrical Problems (and Ways to Deal with Them)
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    Lighting Problems:

    With bulbs that keep burning out, make sure you're using the correct wattage. If your lights are flickering or dimming, check for any overloaded outlets, otherwise, you may have a wiring issue requiring professional attention.

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    Circuit Breaker Tripping:

    This is usually a sign you're using too much power. Try unplugging anything you don't need to have running and spreading out your electrical devices or appliances as much as possible. If this doesn't help, give us a call.

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    Electrical Shocks or Surges:

    You may have old or frayed cords that need to be replaced. If the problem continues, contact us since there may be issues with your wiring. With surges, check connections and look for any overloaded outlets. The wiring may also need to be updated or repaired.

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    Power Dips and Sags:

    Try replacing older or outdated appliances that may be affecting your home's electrical system. If this isn't the culprit, contact us since you may need wiring repairs or updates. A cheap or faulty power grid could also be responsible for this issue.

Signs You Need Electrical Repairs

Give us a call at the first sign of a problem, even if you're not fully sure if anything major is wrong. It's best to err on the side of caution with anything electrical. The top signs it's best to call us about electrical repairs include:

  • Circuit breakers repeatedly tripping
  • Recurring or constant buzzing and humming sounds
  • Sparking when something is plugged in
  • Flickering or dimming lights

Benefits of Hiring Professional Electricians

Our professional electrical contractors are well-versed in industry standards and local codes. What this means for you is no details will be overlooked when anything electrical is fixed, replaced, or installed. You'll also benefit from our expert advice and recommendations when it's time to decide between repair and replacement. This ultimately saves you time and money.

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