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An Extensive Range of Services for Your Water Filtration System in Jacksonville, FL


While generally safe, the water coming into your home can still have harmful impurities or excess minerals in it that could affect your health and plumbing. If you have concerns about the quality of your water, reach out to Griffin Service to discover the possibilities that come with having a water filtration system in Jacksonville, FL.

Customized Water Filtration Solutions

We offer water conditioning services for every need and concern when it comes to the quality of the H2O that flows into your home. Whether you prefer a single-faucet solution for your kitchen or bathroom or a whole-home filtration system, we'll walk you through the process and get everything ready for you to use.

Types of Water Treatment Systems

There are many top-quality options to consider with water treatment and filtration systems for your home that can comfortably fit into a wide range of budgets. The ones you can expect from our plumber in Jacksonville, FL include:

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    Reverse Osmosis:

    A semi-permeable membrane removes unwanted particles and impurities, including larger molecules, with an RO system.

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    With a UF system, beneficial minerals are kept as harmful impurities are removed with a porous membrane.

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    Water Distillation:

    Contaminants are removed from water with this type of system by turning it from a liquid state into a vapor and back into liquid form again.

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    Ultraviolet Light:

    If you have concerns about E. coli and similar forms of bacteria, a UV light system is worth considering.

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    Whole-Home Water Conditioning/Filtration:

    Invest in a whole-home system if you prefer to have all water that enters your home treated to ensure complete access to safer, cleaner, less mineral-heavy, and healthier water at all times.

Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

In addition to being cost-effective since you'll reduce your risk of costly and urgent plumbing issues with better water quality, water treatment services offer many other appealing benefits. This list includes:

Fewer health issues related to bacteria in your water

Better water for cooking, bathing, and drinking

Longer pipe, fixture, and water-using appliance lifespans

Better tasting water

Water that's healthier for your family and pets

Signs You May Need a Water Filtration System

A water treatment or water softener system is worth considering if you're regularly seeing signs of issues with your home's water quality. These include:

  • Water that smells or tastes bad
  • Discolored or cloudy water
  • Limescale and similar stains on your fixtures or in your sinks
  • Unexplained digestive issues
  • Frequent plumbing, pipe, or fixture problems

Municipal water can be affected by the chlorine and other chemicals used to treat it. Water from wells may have toxic metals like arsenic in it that can present some serious health risks as well. Other factors that could affect the quality of your water include groundwater contamination and rust and other minerals or materials in your pipes.

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