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Water heater leaks are frustrating in any situation, and even more when you don't know what's causing them. When water heaters leak, homeowners often are unaware where to look, making water heater repair in Jacksonville, FL, much more challenging.

Replacements are quite costly, which is why homeowners want to be certain that the problem actually requires a water heater replacement before they invest as much. Fortunately, Griffin Service offers homeowners advice about how to identify the cause of the issue. Leaks and other related issues are easy to diagnose when you know where to look.

While most repairs and replacements require a plumber in Jacksonville, FL, it’s good to know the location of the leak to point the pros in the right direction. Call us at 904-299-5050 to get professional service for hot water heater leakage with free estimates!

Griffin Service Fixes These Water Heater Issues

While you may upgrade to a tankless water heater, we still recommend contacting us if water heater repair is still viable. Here are the most common causes of water heater leaks:

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    Anode rod:

    When the rod completely corrodes, water is able to leak through the area. Quick replacement takes care of this leak, so be sure to check the anode rod for excessive corrosion.

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    Cracked storage tank:

    In glass-lined models, minerals calcify and collect in the tank, which causes cracks and leaks. Plus, heat expands water and this expansion stresses the glass and creates cracks.

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    Old tank:

    Rust develops over time, which leads to corrosion and leaks. If the water heater is at the end of its life, it’s best to replace it to avoid full failure and flooding.

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    Sediment collection:

    If sediment rests at the bottom of the tank for extremely long periods of time, the tank deteriorates. When this type of leak occurs, the water heater replacement. It’s important to clean the tank on an annual basis to avoid this.

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    Inlet and outlet connections:

    The inlet and outlet connections loosen over time, which causes leaks. These connections require tightening to fix the issue.

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    Drain valve:

    When the drain valve is loose, water slowly leaks out—an easy fix with a wrench. Alternatively, leaks from the base of the valve mean the valve isn’t watertight, which requires a new drain valve. Homeowners and plumbers are both able to perform this task.

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    Too much pressure:

    If too much pressure exists in the tank, the water leaks through cracks, loose parts, and more. If the water temperature is set too high, the pressure increases. Additionally, if the water from the water supply enters the system at high pressure, the tank experiences leaks.

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    Faulty temperature and pressure relief valve:

    In a similar vein, water heater leaks occur from problems with the temperature and pressure relief valve, or the T&P valve. Issues with the T&P valve result in higher water pressure. In addition, the valve loosens and causes leaks.

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    Internal tank:

    Water heaters have one tank with two shells. If a leak occurs on the inner shell because of age or deterioration, it isn’t plainly visible on the outside.

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