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What can an electrician in Orange Park, FL, from Griffin Service do for you today? If anything involving your home's electrical system, outlets, or connections is demanding attention, give us a call and we'll find a solution appropriate for your needs. Home Advisor-screened and -approved, we're a company that takes customer satisfaction and service seriously.

The Importance of Professional Electrical Service

Home electrical services provided by our experienced local technicians serving the local area provide the added peace of mind that goes with knowing we will perform the work safely and thoroughly. Professional assistance with anything electrical also ensures the results you get will be long-lasting and in compliance with today's standards and codes.

The Electrical Problems to Keep an Eye On

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    Lighting Issues:

    Dimming and other issues involving your home's lighting may be due to incorrect wattage, loose connections, or wiring problems. If the problem persists even when you double-check your bulbs and connections, give us a call.

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    High Electricity Bills:

    Check to see if you have outdated or inefficient appliances or devices. If this isn't an issue, contact us since you may need wiring or circuit repairs or there could be issues with your home's electrical system.

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    Power Surges or Dips:

    See if you're overloading your outlets or if there are places where surge protectors are needed. Issues of this nature could also be a sign you're using too much electricity at one time. If these fixes don't help, contact us.

Red Flags

We have the parts, tools, equipment, and skills required to diagnose and solve a variety of electrical issues. Contact us for electrical repairs if any of the following signs of a problem are noticeable:

Lights that flicker or dim

Sparks or signs something is burning around outlets

Unexplained circuit breaker trips

Humming or similar sounds when electricity is running

Benefits of Hiring Professionals

Trained and experienced electrical contractors make a big difference in the results you get. What's more, hiring a professional electrician from our team means the work will be done in a way that's good for your home and budget. Our seasoned crew would be more than happy to help you plan electrical upgrades or updates you may be considering so you get the most value for your investment.

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