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Are you looking for a plumber in Orange Park, FL, you can trust for timely, dependable results? When the answer is yes, Griffin Service is the Home Advisor Top Rated company prepared to leave you 100 percent satisfied. Our general plumbing capabilities range from routine needs and updates to drain service, leak repair, and issues with kitchen and bathroom plumbing.

Our Main Plumbing Services

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    We're the company to call if you have damaged sewer lines due to roots, deterioration, bellying, or anything else out of the ordinary. We carefully plan and complete repairs to sewer lines efficiently and with as little disruption as possible.

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    Our licensed and insured technicians fix pipes affected by leaks, broken seals, damaged joints, and anything else requiring prompt, expert attention. For emergency pipe repairs, we're available 24 hours.

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    Is your sump pump failing? This is just one of the many sump pump problems we resolve quickly and affordably for our customers in Orange Park, FL. We also address sump pump issues involving incorrect sizing, mechanical problems, and power failure.

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    If an appliance in your home is leaking, let our experienced technicians make the necessary repairs.  We also repair electric heaters, dryers, and other home appliances.

Other Plumbing Services We Provide

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    Sinks can be affected by loose or worn connections or insufficient sealing. In addition to making repairs to address these issues, we also install new sinks.

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    Contact us if replacing your sink is on your to-do list when it's time for an update more in line with your preferences and needs.

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    If your home has a concrete slab foundation, you likely have pipes under it that could leak. We use reliable, non-intrusive methods to confirm and find leaks so repairs can be made.

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    Give us a call if you're dealing with clogs, overflows, constant running, or any other concerns about your toilet – or if you're ready to replace what you have now or invest in a new, water-saving toilet installed.

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    When your garbage disposal needs expertly repaired due to mechanical issues, unclogged, or replaced, contact our plumbing pros and consider the job done.

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    Save money and get more water pressure as you shower with a newly installed shower head for your home.

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    Our experienced technicians repair faucets affected by drips, leaks, rust, odd noises when used, or anything else grabbing your attention. We also install new faucets.

Importance of Routine and Emergency Plumbing Service

Anything involving your home's plumbing is best taken care of sooner rather than later. Even with routine or non-urgent issues, putting off plumbing repairs can contribute to mold, rust, and other problems that can affect your plumbing system and property. Emergency situations demand immediate attention to mitigate and minimize damage from water.

Allow us to help you when dealing with these plumbing problems:

  • Leaking Pipes

    Be mindful of your home's water pressure to reduce the risk of leaks affecting your pipes. Contacting us for routine inspections is another way to detect and address minor pipe issues that could contribute to leaks.

  • Not putting larger food scraps or grease down your drains is a simple and effective way to prevent clogs. We also recommend regular cleanings to remove excess gunk and debris from your drains to reduce the risk of clogs.

  • Routine maintenance that includes annual flushing to remove excess minerals is a cost-effective way to avoid being surprised by water heater problems.

  • Unexpected Water Pressure Dips

    Avoid issues with reduced water pressure with routine plumbing inspections. Having a water filtration system installed is another way to keep your plumbing system in good shape so your water pressure remains constant.

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