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Backed by a team of licensed, certified, and experienced technicians, Griffin Service is pleased to be a reliable source for sewer and drain cleaning services in St. Augustine, FL. Regardless of how routine or urgent the situation may be, we come to all service calls prepared to diagnose issues, explain the options available, and get the job done in the most effective and affordable way possible.

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A Best of Home Advisor award winner, our drain cleaning company has worked hard to earn the trust of our valued clients in the areas we serve. When you call us about anything involving your drains or sewer lines, expect 5-star service and solutions that make sense for your needs and budget. Rest assured we'll arrive promptly in a fully stocked truck when anything is affecting your drains or sewer pipes.

How You Benefit from Regular Drain Cleaning and Professional Sewer Repair

Contacting as soon as any signs of a drain or sewer line issue are noticeable ultimately saves you time and money. Routine drain cleaning in St. Augustine, FL, is effective when it comes to preventing serious problems.

When it comes to problematic sewer lines, being proactive about sewer repair protects your property and oftentimes extends the life of your sewer pipes. Your drains also benefit from a well-functioning sewer system.

A sewer line replacement is sometimes the better option when there is severe damage or the line is made from materials that can't be easily maintained and repaired. When this is the case, we'll look to install a new sewer line.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning or Sewer Repairs

A clogged drain is one of the more common and noticeable signs it's time to call us to schedule a drain cleaning. Clogs can also be an indication of a sewer line problem. Other symptoms that should be reason enough to contact us for drain or sewer service include:

Slow drainage

Pooling water around drains or sewer line locations

Evidence of wet spots or water stains near drain or sewer line areas

Unpleasant odors and/or unusual drain noises

Unexplained foundation or slab damage

Issues with multiple drains

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    How Our Services Work


    A camera inspection is often advisable if there's a need to determine the nature and location of the clog or obstruction. Cleaning sometimes involves professional drain snaking, especially if it's a fairly minor drain or sewer issue. Highly pressurized water may be used as well if the blockage is more severe, as if often the case with tree roots, pipe scale, and stubborn debris.

    Griffin Service is a Google Guaranteed company that puts customers first, whether it is an in-depth inspection or a sewer pipe line repair that we conduct. We also offer:

    Flexible scheduling opportunities

    Free, no-pressure estimates

    Legendary service that includes timely, quality-focused results

    Financing options

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    Whether you need immediate repairs or a routine sewer cleaning, Griffin Service is ready to get to work for you. Schedule your appointment and we will even provide a free, upfront quote. Contact our team today by calling us or filling out the form and scheduling an appointment.

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