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Whether you're in need of a thorough drain cleaning in St. Johns, FL, or you have sewer-related concerns, Griffin Service is the Google Guaranteed, customer-focused company to call. Our drain and sewer services are tailored to client's needs, affordable, and, even more importantly, provided in a way that benefits you the most.

We provide sewer and drain cleaning services with our licensed, certified, and experienced technicians. No matter what's going on with your drains or sewer lines, we'll take the time to find a solution that works for your budget and fully solves the problem. We're available during convenient hours – and not-so-convenient ones on weekends, evenings, and holidays – to respond to your drain and sewer needs.

How You Benefit from Our Drain and Sewer Services

With both sewer pipe line repair and drain cleaning, the goal is to fully restore flow in the most effective way possible. By making the most of our drain and sewer services, you'll also benefit from fewer emergency issues, reduced risk of costly damage to your home or business, and a more effective and better functioning plumbing system. This, in turn, means savings that can add up over time.

If repairs can't be made in a way that's cost-effective and practical, replacing your sewer line may be the better option. When this is the case, we'll carefully plan the work so disruptions can be minimized as we conduct a sewer line replacement.

Signs You Need Your Drains Cleaned or Sewer Lines Repaired

A clogged drain is an obvious red flag that professional cleaning is in order. If multiple drains are clogged, the issue may be with your sewer line. Some of the other signs indicating it's time to contact us about a drain cleaning or sewer pipe repair include:

Slow-moving drains

Standing water around drains or on your lawn above sewer pipe locations

Unusual and persistent foul odors

Gurgling and other odd sounds from drains

Foundation or landscape damage around drain or sewer lines

How Professional Drain and Sewer Cleaning Works

Clearly determining the cause of any issues is the first step with both drain and sewer concerns. A camera inspection may be done if there's a need to pinpoint the problem and its location with better certainty. Professional drain snaking is sometimes all that's needed to break up a wide range of debris that can affect drain and sewer lines.

If there's a need to clear away stubborn pipe scale, deep-down debris, or tree roots, highly pressurized water is often used for a thorough sewer cleaning. Regardless of the method that's appropriate, rest assured we'll make sure everything is clear, clean, and fully functional again as expected.

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