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Most homeowners use hot water several times a day and it has become an essential part of your daily routine. Hot water is used to cook food, do laundry, and take a nice relaxing bath or shower. As such, you need to ensure that your water heater remains in mint condition to get a constant supply of hot water.

Unfortunately, water heaters can encounter problems during their lifespan as they can leak, become unresponsive, or even consume more energy than it originally did. During this frustrating situation, your best solution is to hire a water heater expert to inspect the condition of your water heater.


In that case, you should contact a plumber in Jacksonville, FL, serving the greater Jacksonville area from Griffin Service in the event that your water heater is showing signs of wear and tear. We offer:

Who To Call For Water Heater Repair

Griffin Service is your reliable HVAC and home performance expert in Jacksonville, Saint Johns, and Saint Augustine, FL. We have serviced water heaters for over 30 years and are very familiar with the various problems they can encounter. We also offer several solutions that will get your water heater back to good health.

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    No matter what causes your water heater to malfunction, Griffin Home Service is prepared to handle the situation with utmost efficiency and care. Our fully licensed and certified technicians are highly trained to locate the source of the problem with ease and are always ready to conduct water heater repair quickly.

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    Water Heater Installation:

    If the state of your water heater is beyond repair, we highly recommend having it replaced instead. Water heaters that consistently break down are expensive to maintain and will eventually need to be replaced. Griffin Service will gladly assist you in choosing a water heater replacement that suits your needs and budget and we’ll have our technicians install it for you.

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    Water Heater Upgrades and Maintenance


    To ensure that your water heater remains fully functional, we can create a schedule for your water heater maintenance. This way we can resolve minor issues and install several upgrades in a time-sensitive manner. When a water heater is well-maintained, its efficiency will improve and it will last longer.

    Want Griffin Service to inspect your water heater? Contact us and give us a call at 904-299-5050 today. Our friendly customer service representatives will gladly answer any of your questions. Request for an estimate. We can also tell you more about our Total Care Club if you’re interested in having your heating, air conditioning, and ductwork system frequently maintained.

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    For exceptional water heater services in Jacksonville, FL, and nearby areas, count on Griffin Service. Call us or fill out the online form for an appointment. We serve: